Elm by Example --- Build a Calculator

Ryan Frazier
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Elm is a programming language that lets you write web apps in the browser.

In this book I will be showing you how to build a calculator step by step using Elm.

It is expected that you know a little bit about web programming like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are new to web programming that is OK. Elm is a great way to start web programming.

If you already know Vue.js or React and are curious about Elm, this is also a great place to start learning Elm. As a programmer, learning Elm has made my JavaScript code better.


This book uses the latest version of Elm 0.19


Things covered in this book are

- CSS with an external style sheet

- use Elm's type system to eliminate bugs

- use elm-live as s development server

- custom keyboard input events (including key combo events like alt-shift-delete)

- testing with elm-test and elm-program-test

- deploy the app with Netlify

The example application can be found live at https://elm-calculator.netlify.com/


What's included?

1. You get the book (PDF, mobi, epub)  explaining step by step how to build the app.

2. You get access to the code base. Each chapter is tagged so you can see the app in its current state while we build it. You can see a diff of the code each chapter and see the changes as the app is developed.

3. Working code of every chapter on ellie-app.com

See more at https://pianomanfrazier.com/courses

  • You'll get the book in all formats, the code, and videos

  • PDF
  • ePub
  • mobi
  • Code in a git repo
  • Html diffs
  • Video
  • You'll get the book in all formats, the code, and videos
  • PDFYes
  • ePubYes
  • mobiYes
  • Code in a git repoYes
  • Html diffsYes
  • VideoYes
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Elm by Example --- Build a Calculator

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